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Choosing wisely when it comes to the company you keep is essential to enjoying a sober lifestyle. Having recovery support is important since relationships often trigger substance use reoccurrences. Having a positive relationship in recovery is one of the keys to overcoming addiction. The information provided on is intended for educational purposes, and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. Our Addictions Content Team has been providing up to date information on substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders for over a decade.

People suffering from codependency may lose themselves in their partners’ lives and may even begin drinking alcohol or taking drugs to help them cope. Codependents may suffer underlying conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders. Stay away from anyone who laughs off your attempts to change.

Unhealthy Relationships And Addiction

And while many teens use substances recreationally, others become addicted and develop serious health consequences. When it comes to toxic relationships, we often think about our parents. We’re surrounded by relatives every day, and sometimes they are just as toxic as those we grew up with. You may be concerned about how others will react or judge you when you share your recovery status. Occasionally, such questions may be asked provocatively, questioning or even testing your commitment to recovery.

During treatment and recovery, it’s important to understand the detrimental effects but not dwell on them. Instead, be mindful of the present moment and go from there. When you do spend relationships in recovery time with them, ask about how they have been doing and listen. Helping with household chores and shared responsibilities that you once failed to help with can also help rebuild trust.

Developing Healthy Relationships in Recovery

A therapist can help you evaluate these relationships from an objective third-party perspective. Making amends in key relationships may involve more than just one step, though. These relationships may have gone through years of damage as a result of your addiction and may require considerable effort in order mend them. In step 8, you make a list of all the people you harmed in some way as a result of your addiction. Step 9 involves making direct amends with these people, except in cases when doing so would cause any kind of harm to the person. Giving you money that will likely be used to purchase drugs or alcohol.

How does sobriety affect relationships?

The typical person suffering from an addiction has a pattern of unhealthy relationships. In the early stages of sobriety, relationships can divert the newly sober from focusing on their recovery, leading to relapse if they are not careful. Creating new relationships during recovery is a common experience.

They simply need to be willing to help another person in recovery. Finally, remember that recovery isn’t just about fixing one thing. It’s about making changes across every aspect of your life. So if you’re working hard to build healthier relationships, you’ll likely see improvements in other areas too. There are different opinions on when and how to disclose your recovery status.

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